Everyone wants to be happy in life. But as Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.” Happiness does not mean having a high-salaried job, living in a mansion, driving a fancy car and holidaying every now and then.

10 Common Signs You're A Happy Person

In fact, some of the very common signs that truly happy people have are so different from those benchmarks! Let’s have a closer look.

  1. Happy people Love Themselves the way they are: Happy people believe that they are not here to live the life of someone else. They love their uniqueness and never try to copy anyone. They love the person on themselves and also the way they are. Whether or not others approve of their traits, happy people are happy with themselves.
  2. Happy people Love to Smile: Smile is that one curve that turns everything straight! Happy people realize the value of smile and they love to smile generously. However, smiling posing for the camera does not mean smiling, in its real sense. When you smile from your inside that is when you are a really happy person. The glow that you radiate brightens up your surroundings.
  3. They embrace Change readily: Happy people are dynamic. They believe that there is only one thing that is constant in life; and that is change. They consider life as a learning curve and constantly keep on updating themselves embracing change as and when required. Instead of being offensive, they always accept criticism sportingly.
  4. Happy people Celebrate others’ success: Jealousy is always a killer. Happy people are not jealous. Seeing someone prosper, they always celebrate the success and accomplishments of that person instead of comparing him or her to them. They love to feel motivated.
  5. Happy people Take Responsibility for all that they Do: Happy people hate complaining. They are aware that no one can be perfect. They readily take responsibility of their actions and always learn from their mistakes. They just do not swell in being a victim of anything. Instead of making excuse of why they are not doing, happy people just do it.
  6. They are Honest, Co-operative and Well adjusted: Happiness does not go hand-in-hand with lies. Truly happy people never lie, either to others or even to themselves. They are fully honest. They are not afraid of speaking the truth. Apart from being honest, they are very co-operative. They find a triumph meaningless unless they can share the joy with a team. They love to recognize the efforts and contribution of others and let the world know about it. Thus happy people have mastered the art of adjustment. They love to get along with people who emit positive vibes just the way they do.
  7. Happy people Live in the Present: Happy people live every moment of life. They dislike lamenting over the past. They believe that yesterday was history; tomorrow is mystery; but today is a gift and that is why it is called ‘present’.
  8. Happy people Believe that Everything Happens for a Reason: Happy people are very rational and sensible. They understand the gravity of life situations and believe that whatever happens, it happens for a reason. They take life gracefully instead of throwing tantrums at the unpleasant scenarios that life gives them.
  9. They never Judge Others: It often happens that the judgment that we form of others turns out to be false. Happy people learn from their own experience that life is a learning curve where there is no end of learning. They do not hold grudges against others and try to put themselves n the shoes of the others trying to understand a problem or an issue from its roots.
  10. Happy people Always find Solution from within: Happy people believe that every problem comes with a solution. They also believe that ‘change comes from within’. Thus they take the initiative to find the solution from their within and approach a problem. This mantra gives them tremendous strength and acts as the backbone of life.

If you bear some of these traits, then you are surely a happy person. Even if you are not, you can always be happy; for happiness should always be pursued. It does not come by default.

Photo credits: Alex