Somewhere down inside, each one of us aspires to become a leader. We look up to our mentors and seniors and wish to have an influential persona like them. But, due to lack of courage, confidence and sometimes skills; people join the herd of followers. Which group do you belong to? Are you a follower who walks on beaten paths? Or are you a leader who loves to pave a path of his own?

10 Signs You're a Leader, Not a Follower

Following are 10 must-have leadership traits that show you are a leader and not a follower:

  1. Leaders have a Clear Vision – As said by Jonathan Swift, vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. So, if you can see what you will accomplish in the years to come, you are truly a leader with a clear vision. Leaders do not live for today. They are a step forward and see the future.
  2. Leaders are Well Disciplined – Jim Rohn very rightly said that “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Leaders, who happen to be disciplined in nature, work dedicatedly irrespective of the fact that they are being watched by someone or not.
  3. Leaders are Emotionally Stable – Leaders are not shaken by ups and downs. During difficult times, they keep their spirits high so that nothing in the world can dissuade them from accomplishing their vision. On the contrary, they are not boastful of their achievements. They are emotionally strong and know how to control their feelings.
  4. Leaders take Initiatives – A follower will always follow the footsteps of others. He will never ever think of taking that extra step to initiate something new. But, if you are someone who loves to take initiatives then truly you have the traits of a leader. True leaders do not wait for others to start something new.
  5. Leaders are Good Listeners Too – Maybe the roles of a ruler and a leader are similar but their personalities certainly differ. A ruler is someone who dictates others and wants everyone else to follow his rules. However, a leader is someone who seeks advices from others too. A leader is a patient listener who will motivate others to speak and put forth their thoughts.
  6. Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career.

  7. Leaders Believe in Sharing Knowledge – If you feel afraid about sharing your knowledge with others then you cannot become a leader ever. A leader would always want people around him to grow as well. Leaders strongly believe in sharing their knowledge so that they can produce more leaders for the society.
  8. Leaders don’t Play Blame Game – If you don’t have the courage to own your mistakes, you can never become a leader. Real leaders accept their mistakes and learn from them too. If you will search excuses for mistakes, you may never be able to learn and groom your personality.
  9. Leaders Have an Opinion of their own – Leaders have their opinions and views about topics. During discussions, they take their stance and have logical reasons to support it as well.
  10. Leaders are Proficient at Time Management – Time management is a skill which not everyone possesses. However, leaders know how to utilize their time optimally. They strike a balance between different activities and you would never find them complaining about lack of time.
  11. Leaders Respect Others – A leader will never boast of his skills in front of others. He treats everyone equally and give due respect to others. Leaders are also known to have great people skills.

Developing leaders in today’s society is not easy. With consistent efforts and dedicated, few individuals turn out to leaders of the future. Wondering if you can become a leader? Of course, you can. Trust your abilities and work hard.

Image Credits: Hamed Saber