Cheating on a partner or infidelity is on a constant rise these days. With the constant change in scenarios in relationships, priorities tend to change too. Although things may seem hunky-dory, relationships often undergo major distractions such as a secretive affair at the workplace or a new found love in Facebook.

Statistics show that men, as compared to women, tend to cheat more. As per The Normal Bar, 33% of men admitted to cheating their partners as compared to 19% of women.

18 Ways To Catch A Cheating Boyfriend Or Husband

So if you are a woman, fully committed in a relationship, how will you know if your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you? Watch out for the following potential signals!

  • He is not showing much or any interest in getting intimate with you: Study reveals that most common reason men cheat in a relationship is because they are get bored of their sexual life. Hence, in case you suspect your partner is cheating on you, the very first behavioral change you will notice in your partner is their refrainment from physical closeness. He is likely to show aversion in being intimate with you. This would certainly mean that he no longer feels the same for you.
  • He is exhibiting sudden gush of exhilaration: When you find him getting exhilarated while talking about someone special he has met and talking about the same person over and over again, every time with a smile or blush on his face, chances of him drifting away from you are very high.
  • Signs of strong emotional disconnect: Emotional attachment plays a huge role in a romantic relationship. When you find your partner getting emotionally disconnected from you, you better be cautious. In fact, you could also notice that he is no longer spending much time with you sharing the simple joys of life.
  • Strange behavior from his best friends: Come what may, his best of friends are likely to be loyal to him and he is also supposed to share his new feeling with them. When you find his best friends reacting in a weird manner when you ask about his whereabouts and strange behavior, you should catch that signal immediately.
  • When you catch him lying to you: A significant symptom of having your partner cheating on you is that he would resort to lies in order to defend himself and his acts. But always remember that his eyes never lie. Look into his eyes to find the truth! When he breaches your trust on a consistent manner, you should know that he is actually cheating on you.
  • Once a cheater, always a cheater: Although you may think that you know your significant other inside out, you should not trust anyone blindly. If it so happens that your partner had cheated on someone else earlier for which you have already forgiven him, chances of him to cheat on you cannot be denied. In a survey, when asked if their relationships were happy, 56% of cheating men felt that was the case; 62% of cheaters admitted that they cheated with someone from their workplace.
  • Trust your guts: Sixth sense is one of the best gifts God has given us. You should never ignore your hunch. If it happens that you are getting negative vibes from your partner or you are sensing something wrong never ignore the intangible elements that may make you feel so.
  • He no longer acknowledges you: When you suddenly find your partner no longer acknowledging you even for something great you do for him, it is time to understand that he has shifted his focus.
  • Lack of helping attitude: When your partner becomes detached from you emotionally and physically too, he is very less likely to show any helping attitude towards you. You would no longer see him helping you with your chores, big or small – on weekdays or weekends.
  • He changes his avatar all of a sudden: If you suddenly find your partner spending lot of time grooming, you should consider it as a matter of concern. He may start to hit the gym to shed his bear belly, wear new perfume which you tend to dislike, change his style statement or come up with attractive heir style. New hairdo, new colors, changing his style all of a sudden cannot be ‘just like that’.
  • He starts showing ‘secretive attitude’: Cheating on you would always mean a constant effort to be secretive with things which he used to share with you earlier. Phone calls, texts, instant messaging, emails — you name it!
  • Sharing old memories and noting his reaction: A great way to understand whether you two still have that spark in your relationship is to recollect sweet old memories. After you recall the cherished things from past and see he not showing much interest in it, it is time for you to know that he is moving away from you.
  • He gets jumpy with his cell phone: When you suddenly find him getting jumpy with his cell phone, you should be little careful. If he gets protective about a call or gets nervous while taking it in front of you, then something is seriously wrong. You may also notice him carrying his cell phone along every time he goes to the washroom!
  • Sudden lack of showing interest on your Facebook posts: If you see that your significant other is suddenly not showing much interest in the Facebook posts, whereas your friends are showering comments and compliments may be, then your partner is surely not interested in you anymore.
  • Drastic change in his Facebook profile: Interestingly enough, instead of showing interest in your Facebook posts, if your partner goes for a drastic makeover of his own profile, then it is definitely a matter of concern. You may take a stalk of his friend list (specially his new connections), recent interactions to spot something fishy.
  • Sudden change in the trend of his postings: While he may revamp his Facebook profile, another significant social signal that your partner may show is a change in the trend of his own postings. Additionally, he would likely not be interested to put up pictures of the two of you together in an attempt to appease his new found love.
  • Being extra protective with his devices such as laptop, cell phone, camera: You would also notice him suddenly getting extra-protective with his devices. If he cheats on you he would always want to hide devices like cell phone, laptop, tablets and digital camera. Who knows, they can bear some clue or the other! Take a chance or two to peep in and see if you see something fishy.
  • Suddenly he begins to change all his passwords: If your partner is cheating on you, he is very likely to change all those passwords that you are aware of. He would hide his inbox, Whatsapp, social media accounts from you. And when you ask him for the new password, he would come up with excuses and just avoid disclosing it to you.

Always remember that your relationship is as much your responsibility as it is of your significant other. Unless he is obsessed with your relationship, you can always take steps to mend it. However if you sense that things are really getting out of your hands, just to be doubly sure, you could buy a spying software or take professional help by hiring private investigators.

Photo credits: Ktoine