Falling in love especially for the first time is a beautiful feeling. You are happy from inside. You want to sing and dance for no rhyme or reason. Your habits and behavior change. And you are a changed person altogether. It seems as if it’s a whole new world for you!

6 Definitive Signs You Are In Love

Are signs or signals good enough to conclude that you have ‘officially’ fallen in love? Maybe yes or Maybe no…

In order to be doubly sure that you are in love and that it’s not just a crush, here is a list of signs that might indicate you have definitely fallen in love:

  • You’re Suddenly a Changed Person – If someone tries to change you forcefully, it is not love. However, if you are unknowingly trying to change yourself just to make the other person happy, you are in love. Love is a very special bond where both the partners try to keep the other person happy. And if a few changes can bring smile on your partner’s face, there’s absolutely no harm in changing yourself a bit.
  • You’re Obsessed or Maybe Addicted to Your Love – Obsession and addiction are generally used in a negative sense but when associated with love; they too become positive. If you are addicted to your partner in a way that you can’t live without him/her, it’s a sign of true love. If you always want him/her to be around, it’s even better. It’s ‘addiction’ that reminds us of Enrique Iglesias’s song – “Baby I’m addicted and out of control. But you’re the drug that keeps me from dying.”
  • Your Partner Influences your Behavior – If your actions and emotions are influenced by your partner’s behavior then chances are high that you are in love. If everything is going good between you two then you would be the happiest person on Earth. On the contrary if your relationship is going through a rough patch, you would always find yourself in despair. It doesn’t imply that the other person is dominant. It’s that you give them the right to rule over your life.
  • You Don’t Want Anyone Else – Friends, family and partner; everyone has a special place in our lives. But, there comes a time when you fall in love and don’t want anyone else to spend time with except the love of your life. If you are experiencing something similar, pat your back! You are in True Love.
  • All Other Things Become Insignificant – Some people are workaholics while others are passionate about a certain hobby or a game. But, when you are in love, everything else takes a backseat. All you want to do is dream day in and day out, exchange texts, talk and cuddle with your partner. You spend most of your free time with your partner. And yes you start skipping activities/ engagements just to spend more time with the love of your life.
  • You Start Weaving Future Plans – Girls are pretty good with weaving future plans. But even guys do this too when they are in love. You start making future plans involving yourself and your partner. You get serious about your future and want to do every possible thing to give your partner a happy and secure life.

Photo credits: Fe Ilya