Fierce competition in the marketplace makes it really difficult for job seekers to get their desired jobs. Despite having the right set of skills and experience, their resumes don’t get shortlisted. Do you know why? Because all the resumes received by HRMs are more or less same.

Lack of uniqueness forces your resume to get lost in the pile of papers in the HR’s desk. If you don’t wish your resume to get lost, it’s the right time to switch to Infographic Resumes. At first, it might seem like breaking the norms but this is what employers want. They want their employees to be unique & creative.

Since Infographic resumes are unconventional, here we have penned down 7 reasons to convince you to make the switch!

  1. It’s Trending – Infographic Resumes are one of the hottest entities in the recruitment sector and awareness about the same would bring in some extra points for you. Switching to infographic resume will tell employer that you are aware of the latest trends and do not hesitate from adapting to newer trends & technologies.
  2. They are Unique – The concept of infographic resumes is relatively new and still there are people who have not even heard about it. So, leverage this opportunity to leave your competitors behind and grab the desired job.
  3. Attention Grabbing – If you are unique, it doesn’t take much time and efforts to grab the attention of employers. Prepare an infographic resume and win the attention of employers quite easily.
  4. Creative – Of course designing infographic resumes is a creative task and you can use this as an opportunity to showcase your creative skills. Design an ingenious resume and let the employer know that you have the skills to think out of the box. (NOTE: Infographic Resumes are best for individuals who are looking forward to make their career in creative fields.)
  5. Easily Readable – Since these resumes are a mix of text and diagrams, it is easier for anyone to read them. Elements like educational qualification, past experience, and accomplishments can be divided easily so that the employer doesn’t detail while going through the resume.
  6. Highlights – Infographic Resumes give candidates the liberty to use diagrams and other creative components thereby making it easier to highlight the information they want. For instance, if you wish to highlight awards and accolades in your resume, it can be done easily with the use of diagrams.
  7. Use of Contrasting Colors – Professionalism is fine but everyone loves to have colors around. Use different colors in your resume and make it as interesting as you can.

If after reading all these pointers you are convinced to create an infographic resume then we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the easiest methods for designing infographic Resumes. If you are a creative designer or someone who is well versed with tools like Photoshop, you can design the resume from scratch.

In case you don’t know how to use these tools, check out this Mashable post on how to create infographic resumes with just a few clicks and that too free of cost. So why wait? Go ahead and bring the much needed change to your resume.