Friendship is a very comforting thing to have. Friends are the ones who make your life complete and ideal in a true sense. If you don’t have friends around, you are missing something big in life. Take time out from your busy schedule and make friends, expand your network, meet new people. Who knows, few of these might turn up to be real friends who stand by your side through thick & thin; the ones who care for you; friends who make you smile (and the list goes on…).

7 Types Of Friends Everyone Should Have

But did you know there are many different types of friends one can (should) have in their lives? Presented below are seven different types of friends every individual must have by the side.

  1. The Wise Friend – No matter how much exposure you have in your lifetime; one always needs a friend who is wiser and more experienced. If you don’t have any such friend yet, go ahead and find someone who can help you understand the intricacies of life in a better way. Usually, you can find a wise friend amongst your colleagues and seniors in college.
  2. The Naughty Friend – All work and no play makes you a dull person. To add some light moments to your complicated and time-starved life, it is really important to have a naughty friend by your side. A mischievous friend will play pranks (no matter what your age is) and make you giggle like a 5 year old child. He is the one who will ensure that your smile remains intact to your face.
  3. The Honest Friend/ Your Best Critic – Down inside, every individual loves to be praised by his friends and relatives. But, what is the use of all those flattering statements when they are false. To be successful at work and in life of course, we all need a friend who is honest. This honest friend can be your critic too who will help you in improving your skills for a better and brighter future.
  4. The Helpful Friend – Life is a bumpy ride where problems keep arising. To cope with such problems, one needs the support and help of a friend. A Helpful Friend will always take the initiative to solve your issues and make your life happier. Wondering, what more can you expect from your “ready to help” friend? Just walk up to him whenever you are distressed and he will certainly take care of your problems.
  5. The Relationship Expert – Be it solving a feud with your parents or proposing a girl, one always need a friend who plays the role of a relationship expert. Such type of a friend understands the complexities of relationships and would advice you on how to handle your relationship with care. Though each one of us needs help with handling relationship, individuals with a short temper or practical attitude can’t move ahead with a relationship expert.
  6. The Guy with An Opinion – Availability of options in almost every sphere makes it difficult to make a choice. In such instances, people need someone to rely on. Someone who can evaluate the pros and cons of a situation and further helps you in taking the final decision.
  7. The Friend You Admire – Is there anyone in your friend circle whom you admire the most? If not, try and be friends with someone whom you respect the most. Look up to this person and try to become a man of value too.
  8. If you have friends more than the ones mentioned above, consider yourself lucky! Value your friends and be a good friend to others too.

    Image Credits: Leland Francisco