It is really not a nice feeling to wake up on Monday mornings. After a fun filled weekend of partying and relaxing, the very idea of heading for a long week can be rather depressing, stressful & unpleasant. And if you tend to exhaust deadlines, then the feeling is even more worse.

Definitive Guide To Beat The Monday Blues & Kick Start Your Week

Monday Blues are associated with stress, anxiety and gloominess. No worries! You can definitely make the Monday mornings stress-free and happier by following this three part guide.

Prep things up on Fridays

Start early. Always remember, the early bird catches the worm. You can ease out Monday Blues by prepping up a few things before you wrap up for the weekend.

  • Wrap up as much as possible: Keeping your Mondays lighter is a great way to beat the blues. You don’t mind an extra hour on Fridays to complete your tasks as much as possible because you are looking forward to the weekend. Keeping your ‘pending to-do lists’ smaller equates to exerting lesser physiological pressure on Mondays which surely keeps you smiling all the day through.
  • Declutter your desks: Clutter is associated with negativity. And a messy desk is certainly not a happy sight on Monday mornings. So clean up before you leave for the weekend so that an organized work station awaits you Monday morning! And before you leave, try to leave yourself a little happy self-motivating note.
  • Set your priorities beforehand for the week ahead: Setting your priorities for the week ahead keeps you motivated, focused, organized and surely beats the stress levels. You don’t have to fret about anything after reaching your desk on Monday mornings. Consciously or sub-consciously, you will be aware of the pre-set priorities aka goals. With a little bit of planning you will feel more organized.

Kick start your Mondays with happy thoughts

Blow away the cobwebs on weekends

  • Max out the fun on Saturdays & Sundays: Plan out activities on weekends that spruce you up physically and mentally. Chuck away that smart phone and tablet. Stop checking your emails on weekends. Dine out. Party hard. Have fun with your friends and family. Spend some quality time with them rather than dreading the day that awaits you. And lastly, worrying too much about Monday Blues is going to lead to ‘Sunday night blues’. So, stop worrying.

Kick start your Mondays with happy thoughts

Stop sulking on Monday mornings. After the prep on Friday night, fun filled weekends, you should feel rejuvenated, de-stressed & completely motivated. Furthermore, the tippers below will surely kick away the remaining Monday Blues and help you kick start the week.

  • Wake up early; Start off your day with Yoga: Yoga is a great stress buster. It spruces up the body and mind and helps you feel motivated and rejuvenated. Practice postures that energize you, with a bit of meditation and relaxation at the end. Yoga releases ‘happy hormones’ which work wonders for dealing with stress.
  • Recharge self with a rejuvenating cool shower: Even though you wish, an hour long bath is not really a possibility on hectic Mondays. But you can get recharged with a cool shower. Just let the water wash away the stress. Add some reinvigorating soap or gel for added aroma.
  • Give yourself a caffeine boost: There is nothing like a hot cuppa of tea or coffee to kick start your day. Research shows that caffeine helps to recharge your system and makes you happier. Ideally you should take out at least ten minutes to sit and enjoy the drink by the window with your partner. A perfect way to beat the Monday Blues!
  • Fuel up with a power breakfast to kick that hangover out: After the Sunday hangover, you need some a good doze of proteins and carbs to help you refuel. Have muesli loaded with fresh fruits and nuts. Basically berries and citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps in faster recovery from the hangover. Carbs will refuel and add boost energy levels.
  • Listen to upbeat music while commuting: There’s nothing like peppy music to jazz up your day. Switch into your local music station or play an upbeat number that gets you grooving. Shake a leg or two on the subway to kick away those Monday Blues!
  • Chocolate therapy: Be it any kind of stress, chocolate makes you happy. It contains ingredients that trigger off the happy hormones. Go out for a nice chocolate dessert during Monday lunch or even ask a colleague to bring you back one, in case you cannot leave your work station. This sinful indulgence is sure to keep your blues away!