Smiling is a positive expression that works like a charm for you and anyone you flash that smile at. Be it a memory, something funny at work or just the idea of being with your loved ones, smiling provides an array of health benefits that you may be amazed to read out.

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. ― Mother Teresa

17 Benefits Of Smiling That Will Surprise You

There is a World Smile Day, or an entire Smile Month to celebrate this facial expression that makes one happy. You might have also seen smileys or Harvey balls on your text emoticons too. So if you want to get a little happier, smile and read these unique benefits of smiling.

  • Smiling helps keep negative emotions at bay: Smiling helps to release neurotransmitters called endorphins, which make you feel happy. The brain is unable to judge between laughing and smiling, but it sure interprets the muscles the same way. So if you want to be happier and relaxed, keep smiling. Endorphins also help in keeping negative emotions at bay.
  • The more you smile, the more you stay young: Well technically you use 32 muscles when you frown and only 27 when you smile. So keep smiling to keep those wrinkles away by using fewer muscles.
  • Smiling helps to bear & reduce pain: With the release of endorphins, the brain sends out signals for the body to relax. When it comes to pain management, smiling helps your body decode positive signals. As a result, the overall functioning of the body improves and natural painkillers are released, which helps to curb the pain.
  • Smiling acts as stress busters: Smiling helps to get rid of the stress hormone named cortisol, which tends to dominate the body in case of anxiety and stress. Thus as you smile, your negative feelings go away as the body sends out positive signals to different organs which helps you rejuvenate.
  • Smiling makes you look more attractive: They say a smiling face attracts everyone and it sure holds true. Smiling is an excellent exercise for the face. During difficult times like depression or physical disorders, facial features become less attractive. With a smile on, you add more positivity that makes you more attractive.
  • Fake smiles work for you: Scientific research shows that the brain is unable to distinguish between a fake smile and a real smile. So you should keep practicing smiling because it helps in releasing energy and happy hormones to fight a lot of disorders. Even the emotions sent out by the brain are positive, because the brain associates a smile with positivity.
  • Smiling helps to build relationships: Can you imagine befriending someone who frowns all the time? The chances are none. But when you do see a smiling and happy face, such individuals do become more approachable. Be it making friends at a new work place or a stranger in the subway, a smiling face helps you start new relationships.
  • Even internet & phone smiles work: You may be tired of getting forwards and posts on WhatsApp or texts on your phone. Your Facebook account may be flooded with smileys from friends and peers. But you will be surprised to know, these unreal world of smileys works too! As per research, college students pasting smileys on their social media accounts had more self-reported positive encounters as compared to those who didn’t.
  • Smiling helps replenish cells & different body parts: Smiling and laughing helps to expand the lungs and stretches the different muscles of your body. This triggers a condition called homeostasis, which helps in replenishing cells and get different body parts the same amount of oxygen as they would when exercising.
  • When you smile, others smile with you: You don’t have to worry about this one being contagious. As per Ron Gutman, the author and founder of Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act, a smile is highly contagious and spreads with ease. All that you need to do is be around someone who is smiling and you will surely end up smiling too.
  • Smiling enhances your immune system: Smiling helps to boost the immune system by helping the white blood cells multiply faster. This helps to combat all kinds of illness. As per research, unwell kids were visited regularly by puppeteers who made them smile more. As a result, these kids had higher white blood cell count as compared to kids who didn’t laugh or smile as much.
  • Smiling helps make more friends: Research and studies reveal that people who are always smiling tend to be friendlier and more social simply because you do want to be around people who are warm, friendly and smiling!
  • Smiling is a global sign language: For years anthropologists and psychologists have agreed that smiling is a global language, which works with any community, religion or territory. Even if you are in a place, where you cannot speak the local language, the chances are a smile will help you sail through with ease.
  • Smiling imparts a positive attitude in you: With so many positive hormones being released, there is no denying that you are ready to combat hardships in life. No matter what you face tomorrow, when done with optimism, your body and mind are all set to give it a 100%.
  • Smiling makes you more trustworthy: Smiling is a positive expression that works like a charm for you and anyone you flash that smile at. Be it a memory, something funny at work or just the idea of being with your loved ones, smiling provides an array of health benefits that you may be amazed to read out.
  • Smiling helps lose weight: Smiling may not use many muscles but when you are laughing out loud, you sure are putting those muscles to test, along with pressure on the abdomen, which means a slimmer tummy and less of fat. If you smile or laugh for half an hour a day, you could lose between 2 and 8 lbs a year!
  • Smiling keeps them guessing: And lastly, keep smiling to let others keep guessing what you are up to. This is a trick that makes people wonder if you are scheming or planning. Oh heck yes, you are actually trying to improvise and get a positive attitude! So keep smiling!

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