Blame it on the lucrative message packs from mobile carrier companies or the convenience of typing down your feelings, texting today is the most popular way of communication amongst youngsters. Starting from casual chit-chat to discussing serious relationship issues, youngsters these days can discuss everything under the sun through messages.

Do's & Don'ts of Texting

Texting is certainly quick, convenient, and easy on pocket. It gives you time to think and put across your thoughts and feelings in a polished manner. It can, in fact, be your savior in situations when it is hard to utter a word. But, there are instances when texting can work against you and your relationship. To protect your relationship against the ill-effects of texting, basic text etiquette should be followed.

Here below we have chalked out a list of do’s and don’ts for individuals suffering from obsessive texting disorder.

Do’s of Texting

  • Keep it Short & Sweet – Texting was invented for your convenience. If you use it for sending long emotional messages (that never end), sadly you are not a texter, people would love to have around. If you really want the person on the other side to respond to your text, make sure you send him a short and sweet message.
  • Check Twice before You Hit Send – It happens quite often that people end up sending a message to a wrong person. According to the school of texting, one should always check the recipient’s number before hitting the SEND button. And just in case someone sent a message to your number by mistake, reply by telling them that you are not the intended person.
  • Text on Important Occasions – Texting is something people do day & night. Though there is no harm in doing so but at times it loses its charm. This is why it is always better to save texts for special occasions.
  • Spell Correctly – It is very annoying to receive text messages that are hard to interpret. If you don’t want your friends or partner to get irritated seeing your messages, always check the spellings before sending the text.

Don’ts of Texting

Learning what not to do is more important than learning what to do. Some of the mistakes you should not commit while texting are:

  • Texting Alone cannot Keep the Spark Alive – If texting is the only way you communicate with your partner then get rid of this habit right away. Sending text messages is fine but a relationship cannot thrive on it alone. Talk more, Text Less!
  • Don’t Send Texts for Bad News – It is okay to share good news over texts. But, sending messages for delivering a bad news is just not right. Either give the person a call or go and meet him in person.
  • Don’t Text while Driving – Texting while driving has caused many accidents in the past few years and thus you should stay away from it to the extent possible.
  • Don’t Text at Odd Hours – Unless it is very urgent, you should avoid messaging someone at odd hours.

Image credits: woohoo_megoo