Every workplace has this one man or woman, who is like ’911′ for everyone. Author of the new Teaming, professor Amy Edmondson of Harvard Business School states that in today’s economy a team player is what most employers seek. The idea is to have someone who may not score a goal all the times, but gets the ball rolling.

How To Be A Perfect Team Player & Win Everyone's Heart

As a team player you should also know how to win hearts to, which is the key to attaining success. A promotion or salary raise should not be your sole motive.

Following are some qualities that a team player should acquire to win everyones hearts:

  • Participate actively: A team player who is active and engaged completely in the task is someone who surely wins heart rather than an individual who is a passive participant. Don’t be on the sidelines all the time. Show your confidence and take up tasks that you can perform well. Active participation depicts eagerness and enthusiasm.
  • Show leadership traits: There are times when discussions and agendas seem to be going nowhere. And the need of the hour is a strong leader. As a friend stated correctly, leadership is a trait that helps a solitary monger become a successful team player. Great power comes with responsibility. By depicting leadership qualities you will simply reveal that you have what it takes to be a good leader.
  • Be a good listener: The beauty of a good team player is the ability to listen rather than start expressing right on. They are known for their quality of understanding and absorbing the ideas. Don’t start debating right away or get defensive. To start off effective communication, it is vital to listen first. This little gesture is enough to help you win hearts.
  • Share, rather than communicate: Positive communication is one of the most vital qualities of a good team player. You should learn to communicate your ideas with precision and innovation. When you share, consider what the others are saying too. Share your experience and knowledge with others. With time, others will look up to you for suggestions and opinions.
  • Learn to use your key strengths: As a team player, you will be on the popular list of all departments. But instead of being the ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, learn to use your strengths to the best. For instance, if you are great at communicating, take the lead for that particular role. Using levels of creativity combined with your meaningful contribution will also help you feel proud of what you are doing.
  • Be flexible: At times, you may not want to work late or start early because you are already ahead of the curve. But instead of backing out, agree to the extended time. This shows your support and flexibility. Be flexible and open to newer ideas instead of just sticking to the old school thought process. Rigidness will only set you back and flexibility will help you evolve successfully as a team player and a leader too. Remember nothing is permanent but change.
  • Cooperate and support: You may sternly believe that ideas you are pitching are much better compared to colleagues. However, the secret to accomplishing a task successfully is acting together. Cooperation is a trait you should acquire along with patience. Figure on working out a solution to accomplish the task instead of arguing and debating.
  • Be a problem solver: No workplace is perfect, so difference of opinions should be taken in stride. As a team player focus solving the problem and not dwell on it. The blame game is something you shouldn’t bother with or even be a gossip monger for that matter. Rather than rehashing the issue, help in solving it. By overlooking faults and overcoming these minor issues, you create a positive impact as a leader and team player.
  • Learn to respect and support: One problem that a lot of individuals face at work is not getting ample support and respect. Do not place terms and conditions on issues or mock someone for pitching an idea. Learn to tackle the situation effectively, without hurting sentiments. This will help others rely more on you and thus gain more confidence. Do crack a joke to lighten the situation, but not at the cost of others.
  • Learn to say no constructively: A ‘yes man’ is not an effective team player. Remember it is not possible for you to overburden yourself and not deliver. Focus on reliability to meet commitments. You should say no while expressing your thoughts with honesty. Let your colleagues know that if there’s another opportunity, you will be glad to help them out. This will not affect your team player image, but instead make you the Mr. or Ms. Reliable.

With these simple attributes, you can alter the way you are perceived at work. Not only will your image as a team player improve, you can be assured of winning hearts and friends too!

Photo credits: ImagineCup