Father’s Day is right around the corner and for those of you, who have forgotten the date, it falls on the 3rd Sunday of the month of June. Now let’s talk about some gifts. You will not find the clichéd perfumes and cuff links on the list. Guess you are already bored of giving that year after year, even though dad claims to love them.

How about gifts that are unique and yet bring out the best in him? How about gifts that talk about the bond you share with him? Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas that he is surely gonna love.

Father's Day Gift Ideas 2014

Barbecue Grill – If your dad is king of the grill and your earliest memories are about him cooking up a lip smacking hamburger or steak, then this is the perfect gift for him. Most dads, like mine love the notion of cooking on weekends or whenever they can lay their hands on grill. Not only is there certain nostalgia about this, it also means that with the sunny weather taking over and the grill season beginning, you are going to be spending many more weekends together.

Me Coupon – Time spent with you is something that your dad cherishes the most. So how about giving him a ‘me’ coupon. Simply type out the coupon on your computer and print it out in style. You can add some pictures of you two together.

Memorabilia – This one is something that only you can plan out. Put together a few things that have been important for both of you. It could be an old trophy that you won together or even a worn out baseball bat. Refurbish it a bit and add a personal message and autograph to it. Yes it is a misty eyed gift, but dads are not as tough as they seem.

Gift Basket – There’s nothing like receiving an assortment of gifts in a basket. You can make a personalized hamper and fill it up with all the little things that he appreciates. It could be a favorite shaving foam or perfume, some of his favorite chocolates, wine or anything else that he loves.

Fitness Tracker Band – Sure he was your superhero as a child and even with his pot belly, he remains undefeatable. But urging him to go for that walk in the morning is going to be impossible. A fitness tracker like LG Lifeband Touch, or Fitbit One not only calculates the daily calories, but also keeps a tab of your heart rate. Easily connected to Android and iOS Smartphone’s, it is very easy to use. The best part is that when your dad is using this one, he can constantly check on phones and text messages or even listen to music. So give your dad a gift of health with this cool techie device.

Trip Together – If your budget permits, and your siblings are willing to join, go on a short weekend trip or even longer this Father’s Day. There’s nothing like spending some relaxing time together, away from the hustle and bustle. You can go to one of your favorite childhood destinations or hire a cabin in the woods. No matter what the destination is, the idea is spending quality time together.

Dream Come True – There may be a few interesting things your father may have wanted to do for years. It could be taking up a cooking or dance class or starting off a small business. This one may be a pocket pincher but the happiness on his face is surely priceless. Help him plan out a venture he may have wished for and support him. He asked you to follow your dreams, now help him do the same! Just let him know it is never too late!

Figurine – How about getting a personalized figurine for him? You can take up classes and make it yourself or simply get it done from a professional. You can have a mock theme to it also with a mini-you and siblings with larger noses or cheeks or something on those lines.

Miniature Liquor Bottles With Dad’s Name – This one is a cute little idea, which is not only different but will make your dad smile every time he picks one. All that you have to do is get rid of the original label and get some personalized labels with your dad’s name. Think ‘Dad’ Walker instead of Johnny Walker or Mac (dad’s name) instead of Macallan.

Edible Tool Box – This one is for the dad’s who love taking charge of plumbing and carpentry but love their cookies too. It is basically cookies and chocolates in the form of tools. And the best part is that you can munch a few too!

So if you are planning on going unique this Father’s Day, you will surely love these gift ideas.

Photo credits: Seth Lemmons