Colors brighten up our lives. Whether in flowers or in food items, the presence of colors makes us smile. A colorful diet, that is, the one consisting of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is sure to make your health smile widely. The compounds present in fruits and vegetable help fighting diseases and ailments. As per The American Heart Association, consumption of 4½ cups of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis would be ideal.

Fruits And Vegetables That Can Cure Diseases, Keep You Happy & Healthy

Why fruits and vegetables:

1. These are awesome source of fiber to our bodies.
2. These are very rich in minerals and vitamins.
3. Vegetables and fruits are fat-free and low in calories. However, exceptions are there, such as avocados which contain healthy fat.

Total servings per day:

While considering the total amount of servings of fruits and vegetables per day, it should be remembered that overall there must be more than seven servings. Out of it there should be five servings of unlimited quantity of vegetables. When it comes to fruits, two to four servings become ideal.

Apple/ orange: should ideally be the size of tennis balls

Baby carrots: six to seven in number

Bananas: should be of medium size

Berries: ¾ cup

Cooked vegetables: half cup

Grapes: seventeen in number

Dried fruits: ¼ cup

Chopped melon: one cup

Raw, chopped fruits/ vegetables: half cup

Raw, chopped leafy greens: one cup

By consuming a wide array of fruits and vegetables, one gets exposed to a huge number of nutrients. In fact, some of the fruits and vegetables can easily be grown in our backyard. You can keep a note of those since making them a part of your daily diet would be never an issue.

  1. Apple: It helps in digestion and also cleanses your stomach and the intestinal organs. Additionally, it soothes your nerves and gives you a sound sleep.
  2. Banana: Banana is excellent for curing nervousness. It is great for eradicating kidney problems and neuralgia. Banana is a great baby food as well. If you have a five month old baby at home, you could mash it and serve it as baby food too.
  3. Avocado: Stomach disorder gets cured by avocado. Physical as well as intellectual strength increases considerably by avocado. Eyesight also gets strengthened.
  4. Cabbage: Cabbage is very good for curing ulcer, diabetes, gout, asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, anemia and bronchitis. It cleanses blood fantastically.
  5. Carrot: Vitamin A or beta carotene is present in carrots which improves eyesight. In case of kids, carrots help to repel worms. The merits of carrots include curing lung diseases, rheumatism, problems related to intestines, bladder and liver, stomach as well as kidney troubles, cataract problems and cough. Carrots help brightening up complexions and cleansing skin.
  6. Coconut: Internal and external fevers get cured by coconut. Moreover, diseases of nerves, loss of memory as well as stomach abscesses can be nicely cured by coconut. Coconut serves as an excellent food for infants in the form of milk.
  7. Cucumber: Cucumber has so many positive effects on our body. In fact cucumbers are called beautifying agent. These help to lessen eye bugs and also combat and cure kidney problems, stomach, throat troubles as well as liver problems. Cucumbers are great for digestion.
  8. Eggplant: If anyone has insomnia, eggplant can act as a preventive measure. Simply by boiling it, one can eat plenty of it. Moreover, eggplants are applied to burns as poultices.
  9. Garlic: Garlic helps in curing rheumatism, loss of appetite, nervousness, pulmonary abscesses, varicose veins. Lung problems, throat problems, heart disease as well as kidney troubles. Blood pressure is also regulated and worms are expelled.
  10. Guava: Apart from regulating metabolism, guava can cure dysentery, diarrhea and scurvy.
  11. Lemon: Lemon is simply great for curing loss of appetite, coughs, hemorrhage of any kind, tuberculosis and also cancer. Swellings, sores, insect bites and fever of any type caused by vaccinations can also be cured by lemon.
  12. Mango: Mango is not just tasty but is of great value to our health system. Mango helps to cure scurvy, tooth aches, gum diseases, cough and fever. Purification of blood is also facilitated by mangoes.
  13. Watermelon or Melon: Watermelon is great for curing rheumatism, obesity, gout, hemorrhoid, arthritis, headaches and stomach and blood related troubles. It can stimulate appetite and strengthen body.
  14. Onion: Onion is great for curing hair fall and dandruff. Cough and varicose veins are also cured by onion which is a great worm expellant. Interestingly enough, onion enhances memory!
  15. Orange: Orange is good for so many reasons! It is great for curing nervousness. Moreover it cures diseases of mouth, throat, teeth, kidney, liver, larynx, bladder, ovaries, pancreas and also uterus. Orange can also cure gout, paleness, insomnia, arthritis, tuberculosis, rickets and arthritis.
  16. Papaya: In curing cough, pulmonary ailments and liver problems, papaya is simply great! It is also very good in expelling worms.

Photo credits: Ali Karimian