The term ‘relationship’ might sound a bit tactical; but its connotation is huge! Communication is the heart and soul of human existence. In due course of human life, communications of different levels culminate into the formation of various relationships, each having its own set of principles and tenets. When we talk about romantic relationships, the sweetness associated with the phrase is also mixed with a huge responsibility.

10 Lessons You Learn From A Healthy Romantic Relationship

A good romantic relationship can have many takeaways. There are so many things you can learn from a good romantic relationship. The lessons are not only to be learnt but also to be shared with many more so that goodness spreads all around!

  • 100% Mutual Commitment: A true relationship teaches you to commit wholeheartedly to your better half. It has been noticed that in most cases, commitments help couples to overcome some of the biggest of challenges such as misunderstanding, infrequent quarrels, financial instability, insecurity, etc. With each passing day, commitment strengthens the sacred bond that binds the husband and wife.

    Divorce likelihood: 73%

  • Accepting your loved ones the way they are without trying to fix them: Nothing in this world is perfect! Everything and literally every single thing on earth, be it a person, a piece of art, a merchandise or for that matter anything you think of is not devoid of imperfection. When we are in love, we like to believe that our loved one would be a replica of what we want. But good romantic relationships teach the beauty of accepting loved ones in their entirety; loving them with all the qualities and drawbacks they already have.
  • Compromising is never demeaning: In this world of give and take policies, you might need to make compromises from time to time so as to enrich your relationship and strengthen it from its roots. However, compromising never means that you are weak or that you are letting yourself down. Very few people have the guts to make compromises for greater cause; when you are making compromises for the sake of your relationship, you are setting an example to the world.
  • Misunderstandings will occur, come what may: Life is a learning curve and so is a relationship. In order to mature, a relationship goes through different phases, some of which are really rough. NO matter how much you try, misunderstandings are inevitable. Sometime or the other your partner is bound to misunderstand you and vice versa. But it is just a part of life; you should never be upset about it. Instead, you should be happy knowing that the bonding of your relationship is actually strengthening.

    Divorce likelihood: 56%

  • You learn to trust your loved one: A good romantic relationship would always teach you how to trust your loved one. When you begin to share the most precious thing of yours, that is your heart, you have to trust your significant other. After all, it is the trust that helps you move forward. Whether it is a strong courtship or a marriage, trust is the foundation on which your relationship thrives and promises to move on through thick and thin.

    Divorce likelihood: 55%

  • You can be yourself: A good romantic relationship would never call for pretence. Just the way you accept your loved one with all the positive as well as negative traits, so it happens vice versa. You can be yourself and need not put up anything to impress your loved one. You can be your own self and still be loved. That is the fun of being in a good relationship. Everything is real; nothing is fake.
  • You accept change wholeheartedly: Mature people know and realize that life is dynamic. Nothing remains constant in life and the same is true when it comes to the personality of an individual. Over the time, an individual evolves and thus, you learn that the person you met years back has changed over time and this change is natural. Even without your knowledge, you too have changed over these days and your partner too accepts this gracefully. Thus a good relationship would never encourage you to hold on to something against nature.
  • You are responsible for the mistake you do and are ready to admit them: To err is human. You are bound to make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean the end of the world. A good relationship would always teach you to take full responsibility of the mistakes that you commit. Most importantly, you should definitely not deter from admitting your mistakes. After all, we all make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Accept certain things as they are unchangeable: There are many things in life that can be changed; again there are many that cannot be. Being in a good romantic relationship as you grow with your partner, you would know the art of accepting certain things gracefully which are unchangeable. Not everything is in your hands. So the best way to deal with those which cannot be changed is to accept the way they are and move forward.
  • Learn to forgive and forget: Being in a romantic relationship does not mean that things will always be flowery and sweet or just the way your heart desires. There would be many instances when you are likely to get disheartened to see the turn of events or the outcome of something, which you had expected the other way round! Again that is not the end of the world. Mature individuals grow in their relationships and move forwards by forgetting and forgiving. This can be the best possible way to avoid confusion and proceed with a positive frame of mind.

Divorce likelihood stats from Utah State University research study

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