Like most of the office-goers, you love to splurge on varied delicacies during the lunch hour. And just when you get back to your seat after lunch to resume work, your concentration levels hit the ground. Your eyelids begin to sag and all you want is a secluded corner where you can take a quick nap.

7 Ways to Avoid Feeling Sleepy after Lunch at Office

Post-lunch sleepiness, which is also known as afternoon apathy syndrome, is a common problem amongst office-goers. For most of the individuals, it can be dealt with a little modification in eating, sleeping habits and living habits.

Here are 7 basic steps that you should follow to overcome post-lunch sleepiness:

  • Watch What’s in your Plate – At lunch time, you may want to have the best dishes in the menu card. But, remember heavier the meal you eat drowsier you will feel. So, if you don’t want to feel sleepy during office hours, consume a light meal. Avoid consuming junk food for lunch to the maximum extent possible.
  • Take a Walk – When drowsiness sets in, it is extremely difficult to do anything. But, if you want to get rid of the feeling of drowsiness post lunch, get up and take a walk. Roam around the office for a few minutes and slowly you would feel better. Taking a walk after lunch is also advisable as it improves blood circulation and improves digestion.
  • Chat with Others for a While – Bosses generally don’t like employees who keep chatting during office hours. But, you can get away with pos-lunch drowsiness by chatting with people around for a while. And just in case you are afraid of being caught chatting in office hours, you can limit your discussions to work-related topics.
  • Have Proper Breakfast – Are you one amongst those who skip breakfast? If yes, there are chances that you tend to eat more at the lunch time. And heavy lunch is a synonym to heavy drowsiness. So, make it a habit to have proper breakfast in the morning and you will stay active throughout the day.
  • No Wine or Beer for Lunch – Do not consume wine or beer if you have to get back to work after lunch. If possible, you should avoid consuming alcohol during weekdays and should save it for the parties on weekends. Hangover can also make you feel sleepy during the office hours.
  • Have a Proper Sleep – It is true that people feel sleepy just after lunch. But, it is also true that drowsiness can be triggered by factors other than food. If you are sleep-deprived then the chances of being sleepy at the office are quite high. So, make sure that you get adequate sleep during weekdays as improper sleeping patterns can hamper your productivity greatly.
  • Exercise Daily – Exercising in the morning can also help in fighting back post-lunch sleepiness. When you exercise daily, the body becomes active and fit. The oxygen circulation in the body improves and you will feel energetic throughout the day. In case you don’t have time to go the gym for exercising, you can do simple things like using staircase instead of elevator to keep your body moving.

In case you don’t find any improvement after following these steps, consult your physician and try to figure out the real reason behind your sluggishness.

Image Credits: Shermeee