People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be. – Abraham Lincoln

Happiness is an emotion that can be acquire or attained. It is a state of mind, but factors that lead to this condition are mostly external. In simple words, you are as happy as you want yourself to be! The solution you need to change your current set of emotions!

15 Secrets To Overcome Unhappiness & Lead A Happy Life

Here are some of the most common reasons that lead to unhappiness along with ways to overcome them:

You worry too much

Worrying too much is like being on a roller coaster of negative emotions.

Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions. – 14th Dalai Lama

Too much worrying will reflect on health leading to diseases like high blood pressure.

Worry less: Plan and worry less. A deadline might be missed or you may not be able to buy that apartment this year. But remember, it is not the end of the world!

You believe in all work and no play

If you are taking your work too seriously, you will only be stressing yourself. Excessive pressure, deadlines and the panic of not being able to cope up are the major reasons for being unhappy at work.

Love what you do, do what you love: The day you start enjoying your work, most of your work related worries will be over.

You always tend to compare

Someone out there will have a more expensive mobile handset than you or might get a promotion that perhaps you too deserve. Comparing yourself to others is a primal cause of unhappiness.

Love thy self: Remember your family and friends are with you because you are unique. Appreciate this and love yourself for what you are!

You are not contented with what you have

Sure you may lead a more comfortable life if you own a luxurious car, a bigger apartment or get a better job. But happiness is not materialistic!

Be happy now: Now is the time to be happy. Don’t plan on happiness. Sure you might have more luxury with these things, but not necessarily happiness! Do your job and wait for the future to unfold. Always remember, your good Karma never gets wasted.

Your glass is always half empty

You will always feel pessimistic about the glass being half empty. Instead of sunshine you see the dark gloomy clouds over the horizon. And if there’s a reason to smile, you probably miss it.

See the fuller side of the glass: Rejoice in what the glass holds for you. Make the most of what life is offering. With a bit of love, hope and happiness, the glass will be full soon.

He or she doesn’t love me

Once Mother Teresa said that the feeling of being unloved is the most terrible poverty. A broken heart is not easy to mend. It takes time. Loneliness and depression set in, which takes a toll on social and emotional health too.

Remember those who love you: It is not necessary that you will always get equal amount of love in return in a romantic relationship. But you may be lucky to have friends and family members who do love you unselfishly. Think of them.

You live in yesterdays

You may be still thinking about how beautiful yesterday was but missing out the blooming rose in your garden today!

Start living in today: Smile at that rose and think about a better tomorrow. With hope, happiness will follow suit!

You can’t handle failure

The very idea of failing scares you and this keeps you from being happy.

Treat failures as stepping stones: With every step of failure, you are only coming closer to success.

You procrastinate

The perennial thought of completing something unfinished haunts the mind. This is self-destructive and leads the mind to breed negative thoughts subconsciously.

Finish the tasks: Put away your distractions. Focus hard and complete your pending tasks. Once and for all! At least you will stop procrastinating.

You chew more than you bite

So you thought you could repay a financial debt or finish off that task over the weekend but couldn’t. This mounts to emotional and financial pressure.

Draw boundaries: Learn to push yourself, but not so hard that you fall over the cliff. Borrow what you can return and undertake tasks only if you can handle it. But don’t compromise your happiness.

You just feel low

An altered ego is something that not even Superman could avoid. This negative side of you may be the underlying cause for most of your problems.

Don’t let it get you: Start smiling, think positive and show the same in your actions. This low feeling is just a small part of you that can be overcome with ease.

Stop hating your job

You hate going to work because you hate your job. Your life sucks, boss too and colleagues… Ugh. So you are just making your life more miserable.

Give it a try: A change or opportunity may come soon, but till then enjoy what you have. Make an attempt to create an impression and improvise. At least you will be happy that you tried!

No set goals or objectives of life

With no objective or goal in life, every day is like Sunday. But you love weekends because you work hard on other days. You follow a path when you have a goal. Otherwise life simply becomes a journey with no destination.

Make each day count: Make a goal for yourself. Where do you see yourself in 10 years. Take a small step each day. The very thought of being closer to your goal will make you happier.

You are always tired

Lethargy always takes the better of you. So you are always tired to go out or play a game with friends.

Get sufficient amount of sleep to energize yourself: Make sure you sleep enough to recharge yourself! Only then can you get over lethargy. Indulge in yoga or rejuvenating therapies. Eat healthy to refuel your body and senses.

You are always angry

Anger is an emotion that only backlashes happiness. You may be angry because of failure, broken heart or even because you are simply angry with someone.

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. – Chinese proverb

Evaluate your anger: The only way to overcome anger is to befriend it. Why are you angry, how can you overcome it, etc. Learn to talk about it or write it down. Venting out the anger will automatically make room for happiness.

Photo credits: kris krüg