To say the least, Facebook is one of the many social networking sites used by individuals to communicate with friends and families, near and dear ones. Day and night users log into this website, which has become more of an addiction to find out what is going on in their friends’ circle. Sharing pictures, stories, links, status updates, and check-ins are some of the most frequent activities in Facebook.

Is Facebook Spoiling Your Relationship?

Now, the question is can a social networking site like Facebook damage your real-life relationship? Sadly and surprisingly it can. In the past few years, it is believed that many break-ups and divorce cases happened just because of Facebook. And in all these cases, the signs became apparent only when the situation was out of control.

If you don’t want something petty like Facebook to spoil your relationship, keep an eye on these warning signs and avert any serious misunderstanding:

  • Instead of Talking, You Check Each Other’s Profile – The habit of stalking your partner’s Facebook profile is quite common. And the worst part is couples find it more reliable and convenient than asking their partner about his whereabouts. If you are also habitual of the same habit, get rid of it right away. Talk to your partner as much as you can and share things in person. Also, learn to trust what he or she is saying rather than trusting what you saw on their Facebook profile.
  • Respect Your Partner’s Privacy – For most of the couples, one partner is more open than the other. Sharing all your pictures and private moments on Facebook might make the other person feel uncomfortable. So, if your partner doesn’t like sharing too much of information on Facebook, you should stop doing so. After all, Facebook is not more important than the love of your life.
  • Past Meets the Future – After reunion parties, Facebook is the only place on Earth where you can meet old friends and ex-partners too. Now, there is no harm in adding your ex on your Facebook profile but there are instances when the past starts creating problems in the future. And before you know, your relationship enters a rough patch, which is difficult to mend. To deal with this problem, you can avoid adding your ex to your friend’s list if your partner is uncomfortable about it.
  • Asking for Facebook Passwords – If you are very active on Facebook, having so many friends from the opposite sex then your partner might feel insecure. In certain cases, he might ask you for your passwords too. Certainly relationships are about sharing but the rule doesn’t apply to email passwords. If your partner recently asked for your Facebook password then maybe the trust is diminishing from the relationship. Talk to him and try to clarify all his doubts rather than blaming him or her for not trusting.
  • You Prefer Facebook over Your Partner – If you are the one who prefers checking updates on Facebook rather than talking to your partner in free time then things are not moving in the right direction. Instead of Facebooking, try out some ways to bring back the spark in your relationship.

Image Credits: Kory C.