It is such a wonderful feeling to be in a relationship. Cute and romantic messages are like therapy during the worst days at work and the idea of meeting your partner just recharges you! But are you thinking so much about your partner or your relationship that you are completely distracted from your work or daily chores. Chances are that you may be too obsessed.

Are You Being Obsessive In Your Relationship?

Obsessive compulsive disorder is the term used for defining such conditions. Symptoms include obsessive thoughts along with having particular patterns of behavior.

Here are some signs that reflect that you may in fact be obsessed in a relationship:

  1. Not letting go –  One of the first signs of this disorder commences when you have a breakup. Usually individuals who are too obsessed with their partners are not ready to let go. They keep obsessing about what their partners are doing, including stalking or being eccentric.
  2. Constant texts and calls - Though gadgets are a boon for staying in touch with your partner, it can be a menace if you overdo it. So, if you are texting him or her every five minutes or calling up to check on them every hour, then you should definitely seek help. Be it phone or any other kind of communicative device, overdoing it is simply a sign of being obsessed.
  3. Intruding on privacy - It is true that relationships should be transparent, but if you are going to the limit of taking your partner’s password and checking on their mails or social networking connections, you seriously need to give yourself a rest. Doing so is not only a sign of intrusion but it also means that you don’t trust your partner, which in the long run, might cost you the relationship too.
  4. Over worrying - There is a very thin line between obsession and worrying. You are only thinking that they will dump you or get involved with someone else. If he or she said that she would call you at two and you don’t hear from them in an hour, it is worrying. But if you don’t get a call by five minutes past two, and you simply call them up to check why are they late… That is obsession!
  5. Not giving them space - Every relationship needs a certain amount of space, be it time out with their friends or simply some ‘me’ time. It is great that you are involved in every aspect of their life, but don’t expect them to be with you 24×7. A relationship is like sand in your hand, if you hold too tightly it will all slip out, but let your hand loosen and you will be able to retain it!
  6. You cannot stop talking about them - Yes it is great that you have found someone perfect and you are raving about him or her, but if your friends or colleagues are rolling eyes every time you speak of them, it means that you are overdoing it or being obsessed. Sure talk about them once in a while, but your relationship shouldn’t be an agendum for every get together!
  7. Romantic social networking - So now that you are together, you have changed your relationship status in social networking sites and even on WhatsApp. But posting every picture that the two of you have taken together on Facebook is a sure sign of obsession.
  8. Callous and distracted behavior at work - Of course, if you are thinking 24×7 about them then the chances of being fired are going to be high. Too much thinking means distraction and callousness at the work place. As a result you are not only putting yourself at risk but hampering your work reputation too!
  9. Lack of sleep and alcohol - So your partner has gone on a work trip or a night out with friends and you are seeking solace in alcohol. Since it is the only way that you can go to sleep! You really need to understand that if you want the relationship to work, alcohol and lack of sleep are not your best friends. It will simply mean that you are heading towards alcohol abuse!
  10. Attention seeking - Another worrisome sign of being obsessed is doing things that will get your partner’s attention. It can be anything like tampering with the plumbing so that he helps you out or even hurting yourself in the event of getting attention.

So if you have at least two or more of the above symptoms, it means that you are being obsessed in a relationship. Seek help from a counselor or even your partner and friends. Sharing the problem with them will simply mean a healthier solution to the problem and a steadier relationship for you.

Photo credits: Bhumika Bhatia