There are times in your life when you have to ignore the clock and work overtime. But when overtime becomes an everyday affair, it takes a toll on your health and personal life too. Your love life too suffers in this ordeal. And this happens when most people fail to draw a line between incessant working hours and time for their loved ones.

10 Warning Signs Your Professional Life Is Ruining Your Love Life

It is vital that you attain career success but not at the cost of lifelong compromises, especially your love life. And if you correlate yourself with at least 3-4 of the situations discussed below, it simply means that you are not giving enough importance to relationships.

  • While at home, you constantly check your mobile for official updates: This is the most common sign of a workaholic person who allows professional life overlap personal life. You keep replying to mails, texts, etc. It is true that once in a while work pressure forces everyone into such situations. But if it happens too often, it becomes more like a routine. Not only is this rude, but it also reflects that you are more concerned about your workplace instead of being with your partner.
  • You fail to keep promises: You promised that you would head for that weekend retreat or see your partner for dinner at 7. But you postpone the trip because of ‘work pressure’ or reach at 8 because you were ‘stuck at work’. Small incidents like these bring small cracks in a relationship. Breaking commitments is the beginning of an end to a relationship.
  • Even when you are with her, you only talk about work: Imagine this — you are enjoying a leisurely sunset by the beach. But all that you can talk about is how you have to get back to finish a project on Monday or finish off some paperwork tonight. Dis-cussing work issues helps you de-stress too. But life goes beyond finances and jobs!
  • Your date turns into a professional meeting: So you invite your partner for dinner or lunch and end up bringing colleagues along so that you can complete discussions on a project. Well, this is certainly not a date for anyone! Turning a date into a meeting is an indirect insult to your partner!
  • You are afraid to say ‘no’: Be it your colleague or your boss, you simply don’t know how to say ‘no’. Learn to say no and take out time for your partner before it is too late. Sure do work overtime once in a while or during rush periods, but learn to say no at other times. You are a valued employee but your partner is valued too!
  • You snooze through movies: It often happens that you are so exhausted at the end of the day or over the weekends that you snooze through movies. This implies that you are overworked and overtired. If you feel you’re too tired, it is advisable not to work during lunch hours and instead, take a power nap.
  • Not being at work stresses you out: When you are not around your files and laptop, you tend to get restless and cannot wait to lay your hands on them. With your partner next to you, these should be the last thing on your mind.
  • You are always tired to be intimate: There’s nothing unusual about getting tired after the end of a hectic day at office. But if you are always too tired to get intimate, it simply sends the wrong signal. Your partner would feel ignored and hurt. Show your affection with a light kiss or even a warm hug that makes your partner feel happy.
  • You are inaccessible at home: Your availability at home should be for your loved ones, not your boss or colleagues. So make sure that you avoid professional calls while spending quality time at home with your partner. Be acces-sible to your partner all the time to sustain the relationship.
  • You don’t prioritize: Priorities of life change as per demands. Many a times, you may find yourself prioritizing tasks except your relationship. Please keep in mind that unlike all other aspects of life, your relationship should be given utmost priority.

Photo credits: Robert Vitulano