Fierce competition, economic crisis and repayment of monthly installments are some of the basic reasons why one cannot afford to lose the job. Maybe this is the reason why office goers take every possible step not to annoy their employers. From reaching office on time to finishing their projects before deadline, employees don’t want to commit mistakes at their workplace.

Stupid Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Job

Despite consistent efforts, there are a few common mistakes one commits unknowingly. Here are some common bad practices you should definitely avoid at your workplace which may cost you your job.

  1. Don’t Use Office Hours for Personal Talks – If given a chance, most of the employees at office love to chat and gossip using various desktop and mobile messengers (GTalk, Facebook, Skype, BlackBerry chat, WhatsApp). Chatting & gossiping to an extent is fine but if this is all you do for most of the day, your employer may not like it. In worst cases, you might be asked to put down your papers. So, never ever commit the mistake of using office hours for personal talks.
  2. Learn to Say ‘NO’ instead of Making Excuses – To impress the employer, many a times employees commit the mistake of over-commitment. They keep saying yes to every task, even to those which are humanly impossible to complete. And later they make excuses for not delivering the work in time. To escape from this particular problem, you should learn to say NO to what cannot be done.
  3. Don’t Use Company Resources for Personal Work or Entertainment – Do not use company’s resources for personal work and/or entertainment. Make it a rule not to check personal emails, Facebooking, Twittering, watching YouTube videos or accessing your other social profiles. It is considered to be a serious offense to check job portals at your workplace. Most of the organizations these days track Internet activity of their employees and you wouldn’t want to lose your job just because of doing these.
  4. Avoid Frequent Breaks – Quiet often, one gets stressed out at work and tends to take a break. While it is not wrong to take time outs, go to washroom and freshen up, or take a fag break, do not make it a practice. Frequent breaks from work not only hampers your concentration and work flow, it also sends a negative signal to your peers. The best way to tackle stress at workplace is to consume a lot of water or close your eyes for a minute or so. And in-case you feel sleepy post lunch, here are a few tips that will help you overcome the problem.
  5. HR is not Your Confidante – The HR department in the office has been setup for the benefit of the employees and you would want to share all your problems with them, so that your problems can be solved. But, do not commit this mistake in your career ever. The HR professionals may listen to your problems but they will never go against the company’s policies. So, stop thinking that HR is your friend who will solve all sorts of problems for you.
  6. Maintain Distance from Controversies – Controversies are a part and parcel of the corporate world. Every other day a new controversy emerges in the workplace – a fight amongst colleagues, operational blackout, or war of egos. Now, to avoid getting entangled in any such controversy, all you need to do is stay away from these hazards to the maximum extent possible. It is good to have healthy debates with your peers, share your opinion; but not necessarily when it comes to controversies.
  7. Accept your Mistakes – As humans, it is natural for employees to commit mistakes at the workplace. Instead of playing the blame game, learn to accept your mistakes. Do not shy away from owning your mistakes as it is just another way to show your employer that you are mature enough. Also, learn from your mistakes and try not to commit them again.
  8. Don’t Complain About Company Policies/ Work Culture – Companies are there to make money and share a percentage with you at the end of the month. At one point of time you may have issues with the company policies and work culture. No matter how irritated you are with the policies of your company; do not complain about them in front of everyone. Initially, try to adjust. If you are unable to cope up, don’t keep mum and suffer. Discuss the issues with the HR or the person you report to. If everything fails, switch to a better organization.

By keeping these little pointers in mind, you can definitely enjoy a successful career! If you know of any mistake that has not been covered here, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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