Yoga refers to a set of well documented techniques that help us achieve spiritual insights, mental bliss and harmony. In Sanskrit ‘yoga’ means joining or union. In this technology driven era where we are more prone to anger, stress, depression, anxiety, Yoga has gained much traction in our lives. It is in fact one of the most sought-after and popular practises the whole world is resorting to, irrespective of age, sex and demography.

11 Surprising Facts (& Fictions) About Yoga You Must Know

Yoga is 6,000 year old practise that evolved in India. As proposed by the Indian PM Mr. Modi, June 21 has been unanimously declared to be observed as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations. Below are 15 mind-boggling facts and fictions about yoga you should know!

  1. Why exactly do we need to embrace yoga? The dynamic world and its ever-changing demands often tax our minds and bodies in meeting certain expectations where the level of stress becomes too much to bear. Hence, in order to fuel our body, we need to practise yoga in order to gain perfect harmony of mind and body. However it gives you some bonuses as well such as greater level of concentration, honed listening skills and enhanced self confidence. The more you practice yoga, greater becomes your share of bonus from it.
  2. The power of yoga is limitless! Apart from keeping our mind and body in perfect unison, yoga also contributes in increasing our self-love. It brings about a radical transformation in the person within us. In the course of time, we should develop more compassion for others and a greater sense of acceptance. This indeed is a magical benefit of yoga.
  3. Yoga heals our mind and body. By practicing it, one should gradually become more relaxed, less reactive and more peaceful. Yoga calms your nerves, gives you composure, and makes you kind and gentle by soothing your soul.
  4. Yoga does miracle in arresting physical pain in various conditions. For example, in cases of people with severe low back pain, yoga helps in mitigating the ache and improving body functions. Additionally yoga regulates heart rate and blood pressure as well. It does wonders in controlling our anxiety and depression. Try it to see the results!
  5. Yoga restores happiness in us. When done appropriately, yoga becomes the key to remain happy and healthy. A sound mind will always dwell in a sound body.
  6. Yoga needs to be practiced carefully. Each and every human body is different from the others. An experienced instructor can be the best one to guide us through scheduled yoga sessions. However, prior to getting into such sessions, we must keep the instructor about any medical constraints if any.
  7. Yoga is not synonymous to dieting! Many believe that doing yoga also means cutting down on all our favourite food items. But the fact is, we can merrily eat cheese or chicken wings while still being a yogi! We just need to be wary of all that our body is fed. In short, we should make sensible decisions while eating.
  8. Yoga is not gymnastics too! Please do not believe like we have to be utmost flexible to do yoga. Lack of flexibility should never be an impediment for rolling out a yoga mat.
  9. Yoga has immense healing power. It’s true. If practised under supervision, it can heal so many known or unknown wounds miraculously. But again, the same formula may not work for everyone all the time.
  10. Yoga is a lot more than mere physical exercises. One should never take yoga as only a means to look better in those skinny trousers. True that it helps to shed unnecessary flab and tones the skin simultaneously, but it also acts as an efficient technique to nurture our inner soul and enhance spirituality.
  11. For certain health conditions, yoga is a strict no-no. Cases like asthma and arthritis are not very favourable for practicing yoga. Hence, before we want to take up yoga seriously, we should have a detailed discussion with our yoga tutor.

Photo credits: Grand Velas Riviera Maya