The concept of smartness connotes intelligence of brain which is why; smart people are liked by all. But again, many people face major problems when it comes to exhibiting smartness. Such instances can commonly be seen in job interviews, exams and also in case of impressing partners and even getting along with people in workplace or for that matter, a formal party. A large number of people become very tense in the situations mentioned above and lack smartness. Thus, it is obvious that people would want to do things that could enhance smartness and cognitive intelligence.

How to be smarter?

Smartness always has its own share of importance. But in order to enhance your smartness, you must adopt some simple, effective smart tips!

  • Read, learn, and stay updated: One of the best ways to boost intelligence and enhance smartness is to read more and more! The more you read, greater becomes your awareness which gets reflected in your personality. Whatever you absorb from your readings are sure to get reflected in your attitude. Your learning would enhance your smartness at every go.
  • Read quotes: You should indulge in reading quotes on a daily basis. This habit would influence your life and make you a better person with time. It will help enrich your wisdom, intelligence and perception. However, only reading quotes would not suffice. You should try to follow them as well!
  • Be more expressive: Smartness depends on how you carry yourself in front of others. You should be able to speak up more and be expressive. The more you get involved in conversations, debates, discourses and meetings, the smarter you would find yourself coming off. You must be able to practice voice modulation while you speak; this would make your personality even more attractive.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your opposite sex/partner: A very common problem that many guys and girls face these days is shyness or being afraid to talk to their opposite sex. This is often referred to as approach anxiety. The best way to deal with this ‘syndrome’ is to overcome the feeling of inferiority and insecurity. For once, forget the dubious feeling of ‘consequences’ and approach someone you want to talk to.
  • Be confident of what you know: Don’t underestimate yourself or your audience. You should always focus on what you know. Instead of highlighting your drawbacks, you must emphasize on your key strengths. When engaged in a discussion or a debate, enlighten the audience with your knowledge and wisdom.
  • Stay punctual, stay organized: Technological advancements have made our lives a lot simpler. In order to reap maximum benefit out of this, technology should be exploited smartly. You should make use of technology in your daily life in the form of using alarms, calendars, to-do lists and day planners. You should make use of technology so as to save time and perform better. You should remain very punctual and stay organized so as to make your life more productive.
  • Talk to yourself at times: A very interesting way of enhancing smartness is by talking to oneself. Strange but true! Recent studies have revealed that a temporary cognitive boost can be achieved if you talk to yourself aloud!
  • Practice meditation: Meditation is another great way to enhance smartness. You should get into the habit of meditating on a daily basis preferably at the beginning of the day. It is only through a thorough meditation session that you can achieve better concentration levels, control your calmness, and revive the body, soul. Researchers are of the opinion that meditation has its direct benefit on memory, attention span, function and focus.
  • Exercise your brain: Like body exercises, some exercises should be directed towards your brain too. If you are a internet freak, log into sites like,, which has set of specially designed games, quizzes, puzzles to help increase your Intelligence Quotent (IQ). Solving crossword puzzles, doing Sudoku and other brain teasers can help you exercise your brain sufficiently.
  • Have sound sleep: Too much of anything is bad. Just the way you would make your body and brain exercise, you also need to get sound sleep to help your brain relax. Sleeping problems may have adverse effects on your brain and hence should always be avoided.
  • Eat nutritious food: Food plays a vital role in nourishing your brain and making you smarter! Your diet should be rich in protein, eggs, dark green vegetables and fish oil. Some other nutritious food that significantly stimulate your brain are green tea, nuts and herbal tea.

Always believe that you can be smarter. After all it is the power of your self-belief that would generate your inner strength, conscience. Once you feel a strong urge from within to achieve something, you would definitely succeed in doing it. To your surprise you would find that you are doing all that is necessary to enhance your smartness.

It would be nice to conclude by saying that no matter how many tricks you adopt, the key to enhance your smartness remains in your inner-self. All the ways are just the steps but the urge should come from within. As A. P. J. Abdul Kalam correctly said, “All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.