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Becky looked outside from her window seat before the plane was ready to take off. Beside her was another lady of almost her age. After the plane took off, the lady beside her called the air hostess asking for a quilt. She was feeling cold. Becky helped her drape the quilt properly. The lady thanked Becky.

It would take quite some time to reach Arizona. Becky said to her neighbor, “Hi. Do you need anything else to feel comfortable? By the way, I am Rebecca.”

An Unexpected Reunion

“So nice to know you! I’m Annabelle. Thanks; I don’t need anything else.”

Becky said, “Are you going to Arizona for vacation? I’m going there for some work.”

“No. Actually I was on a vacation. Now, with Christmas coming up, I am going back home” answered Anna. “Have you visited Arizona before or is it your first time visit?”

“No first time ever. But does not feel so” said Becky. She continued, “Although I have not been there before, I know almost everything about this place. Have heard so much from my friend.”

“That’s good”, smiled Anna.

Little later, the air hostess came near their seats and asked both of them which beverage each of them would prefer to take. Becky said, “Black coffee with one tea spoon of sugar.” Anna said, “Black tea for me; but so sugar.”

“Hey! Know what?” Surprisingly, both of them said this together to one another. Both started to smile. Becky said, “You say it first.” Anna said, “The way you ordered your black coffee is just the way my best friend likes to have. I felt so good when you ordered your beverage.”

Becky looked surprised. She said, “And the way your ordered your beverage is so similar to what a very special friend of mine prefers having!” Both smile and sipped their own preferred beverages.

After some time, Becky asked Anna, “Would you mind if I ask you something personal?”

“No, not at all! Please go ahead!” exclaimed Anna.

“You just said that you stay is Arizona. How long have you been staying here?” asked Becky.

“From my childhood,” answered Anna and continued by saying, “I have been born and brought up in Arizona and have been married here too.”

Becky said, “You look my age, if I am not wrong. I am asking this to you because I have a very special friend, the one I was talking about whose choice of beverage matches yours exactly; she is from Arizona. In fact, you would be surprised to know that we two have been pen pals for the last fifty five years but have never seen one another! When I was ten years old, I was matched with that friend of mine who is from the USA by my teacher. ”

Anna looked shocked. “What! Are… are… are you Becky? From Queensland? Oh my God! Rebecca! You are my Becky!”

Tears filled the eyes of the two friends who met each other unknowingly for the first time in fifty five years!

“Oh, Anna! This is the most wonderful surprise I could ever thank God for!” Becky told Anna.

The two friends held each other’s hands and recalled their old times. How their friendship began with sharing the simplest things of life and how it evolved over the years with more colors and emotions. Even with the advancement of technologies and the coming up of the internet, both had always preferred writing letters to one another.

The two shared everything with one another but had never thought of meeting. They wanted to keep their bond this much special where they would remain the closest even without seeing each other!

With Christmas round the corner, this was the best gift the Santa had given to these two sixty-five year old ladies! He made them meet even without giving a single hint of the biggest surprise they would get!

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