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It was an evening with heavy downpour. An aged lady was sitting inside her Volkswagen, stranded in the middle of the road. Even in the dim dusky light it was clear that she needed help badly. May be she was waiting for someone to rescue her. A shabbily dressed man went near her car. He was hesitating to speak to her; but still approached.

The lady pulled down the glass of the driver’s seat where she was seated. She looked worried and clueless. She tried to wear a smile seeing a needy man approaching her but became quite apprehensive. She felt as if her problem was accelerating with his arrival.
The man now opened his mouth. “Hello Ma’am, can I be of any help to you? Please wait inside your car and let me see if I can solve the problem. By the way, I am Thomas Anderson.”

The Chain Of Love

Thomas discovered that the problem was due to a flat tire. Although simple for him, but for an aged lady it was much of a hassle and that too in such a bad weather. Soon he went crawling under the car and fixed the problem. But in the process he got very dirty and also hurt himself. After he came out, the lady again pulled down and glass and began to talk to him. She said that she was just passing by and this incident made her go berserk.

She said, “Hey young man, I really don’t have enough words to thank you. God knows where I would have been had you not come forward to rescue me! God bless you!”

Thomas smiled at her, happy to see her gratitude. The lady then asked him humbly, “How much do I owe you?” She was actually ready to pay any price knowing that he had been a savior. By now she had already imagined of all the nightmarish things that could have happened to her, had Thomas not been there to help her out. Thomas was surprised to hear from her. He had never expected any monetary reward from her! It was not his job, he thought. He was only helping her. And he remembered that he had got such help from many in his life. This was the way he always had lived; he did not approach her with any other intention.

He told her, “That’s so nice of you, Ma’am. But if you really want to pay me back, then the next time you see someone who needs help, please assist that person and think of me.” He smiled and went away before the lady could further say anything.

The lady drove away. She was so surprised. The man looked so ragged. Anyone who sees him would say how much he needs help. But he just told her something that she could never reply to.

On her way, she found a small café down the road. She wanted to grab a bite and also chill out with a cup of warm cappuccino. The restaurant looked dingy. The two gas pumps at the entrance of the restaurant added to the shabbiness. She had never been to such a café in her life before; but there were no other options.

As the lady went inside, a waitress came up to her with a very clean towel so that she could wipe her hair. The lady observed that the waitress, who was all smiles to her, was heavily pregnant. She looked like she needed rest. But she never let the strain tell upon her face and work. She placed the order for some finger foods and a cup of cappuccino.

While sipping the coffee, the old lady thought of Thomas and his last words to her. She knew what to do. After she finished, she paid her bill with a hundred dollar. The waitress went to the counter to get the change. By the time, she came back with the change, the lady was gone. The waitress looked for her outside the café but there was no trace of the lady and her car. Bewildered, she came back. While she was up to cleaning the table, she found a note written on the napkin.

After reading it, she could not help but weep. The note read:

You owe me nothing. I have been there too. Someone helped me out just the way I’m helping you. If you really want to pay me back, then please do not let this chain of love and compassion end with you.

The waitress found that below the napkin there were five more hundred dollar notes. She looked up to God. She wondered how the lady knew how much this money meant to her, with the baby being due the very next month.

She took the money and went back home. The moment she rang the doorbell, her husband opened the door. She hugged him tight and thanked God once again.

While having dinner, she shared the story of the kind lady with her husband, Thomas Anderson. Both of them realized that true friends are like stars; they cannot always be seen. But they are always around!

Photo credits: Sharon Mollerus

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