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The lush green garden was inviting and peaceful. Mary chose to sit on the bench beneath an old willow tree. She was so stressed out with the mundane problems of her life. She just wanted to retire; from everything; from everywhere. Her frowns were clear enough to express her disgust. She sat there for hours till her silence was broken by the voice of a young boy. “Look, what I have found!”

The boy looked untidy as if he came running from play. He was sitting beside her. Mary was simply not interested in him and did not respond. “I have got this for you! Isn’t it beautiful? Would you be my friend?” The boy asked her with a big smile.

The Flower Of Friendship

Mary was so surprised to see this teenager wanting to befriend an aged lady. She did not say anything and kept looking at him. The boy was holding a dry flower in his hand. Mary was bit annoyed at his gesture; but she kept quiet. The boy took the flower near his nose trying to smell it deeper. “It smells wonderful. I’m sure it’s gonna make your day!“ He said happily. Mary did not know how to react. She thought that the boy was crazy. Otherwise he would never insist on giving her a dry flower and then smell it and compliment it so much! As it is, Mary was disgusted with her own problems. The weird attitude of the boy irked her all the more.

The boy was undaunted. “Please accept it; it is for you only!” He said again. Mary thought the best way to get rid of this new unwanted problem was to take the flower so that the boy goes away. As she took out her hand to take the flower from him, she saw that instead of holding the flower near her hand, he was holding it in the air! Mary was shocked to discover that the boy could not see; he was blind. She was taken aback! She opened her mouth for the first time and said, “Thank You so much!” The boy smile and went away.

She was still wondering how the blind boy could see her problem! How could he know that this dry flower would make her day? Then she realized that all the problems she was tired of did not belong to the world; the problems were with her own self. She had to change her way of seeing things. Her new friend, who could not see, showed her that happiness can lie even in a dry and dead flower, if the heart of the viewer is evergreen. Mary took the dry flower in her hand and decided to make a fresh start with her life. She promised herself that she would see everything in a positive way.

As she was about to leave the garden, she found the blind holding another flower and sitting on a bench talking to a man who was sitting with his head bent; tired and lost. She believed that this man would also rejuvenate after he got the friendship flower from the boy, just the way she did.

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