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“I love living. I am happy.”

How many of us do really say this, honestly and from the core of our hearts?

Most of us have the unpleasant habit of cribbing for what we do not have, forgetting what God has blessed us with.

Life is not all about what we want, what we like and what we desire. It is about all what we make out of what we have. It is about remembering the ‘haves’ and forgetting the ‘have nots’. After every meal, how many people do really thank a farmer? It is all about how you take life. We often get depressed and ask God, “Why me?” In adverse situations, many would give up and think that the world has nothing more left for them. But that is not true.

Life Without Limbs: The Success Story Of Nick Vujicic

The true story of Nick Vujicic would sweep you off your feet. More than an unbelievable story, you would rather find it to be a nightmare. On born 4 December 1982, this Australian Christian evangelist was born with tetra-amelia syndrome; it is a very rare disorder that is characterized by the absence of all four limbs. Nick has no arms; no limbs as well. But he has abundant smiles and positive energy. Instead of giving up for what he does not have, he concentrated on what he is blessed with; his indomitable spirit.

Since his childhood, he struggled hard emotionally, physically and mentally but at last gracefully came to terms with his disability. Thank God for his parents who in spite of the risk of bullying, insisted Nick to attend mainstream school. Nick, who as a child, fought depressions and loneliness, managed to pull through to become an international symbol of victory over adversity. He established his own non-profit organization called ‘Life Without Limbs’ at the tender age of seventeen. Since then he has been presenting motivation speeches all over the world.  He has shared his message of hope to more than 5 million people across 44 countries. He reiterates how his faith, rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ, transformed his life forever!

He plays golf and football; he also swims and surfs, despite his physical disability. He said, “I also got really into football and skateboarding. I totally love the English Premier League.” On his left hip, he has a small foot which helps him balance. He kicks with this tiny foot and uses it to type, write with a pen and also lift things between his toes. ‘I call it my chicken drumstick,’ jokes Nick.

Nick promotes his work through television shows and his writings. ‘Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life’, his first book was published in 2010. ‘Life’s Greater Purpose’ is a motivational DVD marketed by him which is a short documentary film made in the year 2005 that shows his domestic life and activities that he perform regularly. The second part of this film was made in a local church of Brisbane. In the year 2005 Vujicic was nominated for the Young Australian of the Year Award. Bob Cummings interviewed him in March 2008 for the American television show 20/20. Nick starred in the short film The Butterfly Circus, which won the Doorpost Film Project’s top prize of 2009 and the Best Short Film award at the Method Fest Film Festival. Nick was also awarded the Best Actor. The same film also won the best short film award at The Feel Good Film Festival in Hollywood in 2010. And the show of Nick Vujicic is going on…

Jesus has showered His choicest blessings upon Nick and this spirited young man met his princess Kanae Miyahara in 2008 and immediately they fell in love with each other. “The moment I met Nick, I was looking for other thing, and all the things I found in him,” Kanae said. Nick says, “It was electric, when she stood by me, I just felt right.”

“Baby, I love you, would you love to marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?” Nick said and Kanae cried in reply. This adorable couple settled in South California after their wedding. But God had more in store for them. He blessed them with a lovely baby boy in the year 2013 and the happy family is living, loving and laughing together.

Nick Vujicic believes that one should finish strong. He has fallen million times; only to rise again. He has failed and has tried again and again; and again till he succeeded. Today Nick travels worldwide emanating his positive vibes and spreading smiles all around. “I love living. I am happy.” These are his words. This smile maker who preaches people to believe in determination, inner strength and courage believes in miracle; and that is why he keeps a pair of shoes in his closet!

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