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Mike was sitting in their garden and reading his favorite book. Sometime later, his old father came out of his room and sat beside Mike on the same bench. While Mike was still reading his book, the old man sat quietly beside his son. Suddenly, he pointed at something and asked Mike what it was. Mike took his eyes off his book, looked at the direction his father pointed and said that it was a sparrow. He was stunned at his father’s query.

Mike continued reading the book, while minutes later his father again asked him about something and when Mike looked around, he saw that again it was the same sparrow that his father was pointing at. He got all the more astounded and little irritated and said that it was a sparrow. Mike concentrated on his book once again. After a little while, the old man again pointed at the same sparrow and asked Mike what it was. This time Mike got furious and stood up from the bench. He shouted at his father for bothering him with silly stuffs and disturbing him again and again.

Like Father Unlike Son

The old man silently left the garden. Mike settled down with his book once again. Few minutes later, the old man came out in the garden and again sat beside his son. He opened a page from an old diary and held it in front of Mike. A little surprised and somewhat annoyed, Mike took the diary from his father and began reading it.

It said, “Today, while I was gardening, little Mike came out from his room and sat beside me. Looking at a sparrow sitting on the fence, my child asked me innocently what it was. I smiled at him, said that it is a sparrow and kissed him on his forehead. After a while Mike again asked me what it was pointing at the sparrow and I did the same. This went on and till the kid went back to the room with me after I got over with gardening. Pointing at the same sparrow, little Mike had asked me twenty times what it was and I kept on answering him and kissing him every time on his forehead.”

Tears rolled down the cheeks of Mike. He closed the diary and hugged his father tight apologizing for his rudeness. He was ashamed of himself and realized that he could never be like father like son.

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