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Murshidabad, a district in the state of West Bengal, India is famous for its history, monuments, silk and mangoes. It is also famous for being the dwelling place of probably the youngest headmaster in the world!

Babur Ali, only 16 years of age is a wonder boy and a TED India fellow, who has taken up the responsibility of passing on his knowledge to his students for free and help them become educated and self sufficient.

Motivational Story Of Babur, The Youngest Head Master In The World

He started his teaching almost seven years ago with the aim of educating his friends what he has learned in school that day. His school now has 10 teachers, who like Babur, are also school students.

Babur and his fellow mates goes to school in the morning, come back in the afternoon and starts imparting education to the 800 odd students (some as young as 4 years old) in the evening.

He just like his students comes from very poor families. Most of the boys in his village in their childhood are either asked to take up the job of farming, while the girls are sent to do household works for earning a handful.

Thus Babur’s biggest challenge was to reduce illiteracy rate by educating them so that their next generation doesn’t suffer.

So do we need proper infrastructure, backup of corporates to start a school and educate the millions of uneducated? I think you now know the answer :)

Babur Ali, you are our smile maker of the day!


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