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Nigel had been busy with his meetings. While in the meeting room, his cell phone had been vibrating constantly inside the pocket of his coat; but he ignored it every time. After getting back to his cabin, his phone vibrated again and he looked at the screen. He saw Della’s name flashing on it. He took the call reluctantly.

“Hi dear. Hope you had your lunch timely. I just pray that your busy schedules do not tell upon your health.” Della sounded worried.

Nigel replied, “Yes Della, I have had my lunch; thanks for asking. And by the way, you need not be worried about me. I’m doing good.” Before Della could say anything else, Nigel hung up.

A Fresh Start

This bitterness had become a part and parcel of this couple’s life. Having a happy family with an adorable child had been the best dream that Nigel and Della had seen together since their days of courtship. It all seems like yesterday. Nigel and Della went to the same school. The simplicity of Della had attracted Nigel and brought him near her. He fell in love with her. Both began dating one another. After completing their studies, they got married on a beautiful autumn day. The red and golden leaves witnessed the start of a new journey of this wonderful couple.

They were so happy! Life seemed like a bed of roses for them. But soon they began to see thorns when Della started to have serious problems conceiving their child. After rigorous treatments, doctors let them know that Della could never conceive a child. Both were shattered. They just could not believe that their dream of a happy family would never be complete. Life changed for both Nigel and Della. While Della began to curse herself, Nigel’s love for her began to become lesser by day. He gradually had stopped loving her. The very sight of Della used to irritate him and Nigel felt how unfortunate he was to have married her.

He concentrated more on his work; his meetings, his tours, his corporate circle. Della was steadily going into depression. Although Nigel noticed visible changes in her, he ignored her completely and went on with his own engagements.

After Nigel spoke rudely and hung up, Della felt sad. She thought how things had turned so sour between them. She wondered whether Nigel would ever love her the way he used to. After finishing her day’s chores when Della sat with her wedding album, something that she did quite often, the phone rang.

“Hello!” Della answered.

“Hi, Ma’am. Is this Nigel Roger’s residence?” A female voice from the other side asked.

“Yes. I’m Della, his wife”.

“Ma’am, I’m calling from the City Hospital. Mr Roger has met with an accident. Please come soon.”

Della kept the phone and rushed to the hospital.

Nigel was lying unconscious in the ICCU. The doctor attending him told her that he was critical. He immediately needed a kidney replacement and getting a proper match is more difficult than it sounds.

Della understood the gravity of the situation and told that she wanted to be a living donor. Nigel was all that she had! She just could not think anything beyond Nigel. She prayed to God that her kidney matched his and volunteered for donating it to her beloved.

God probably likes to take a test of love from his choicest ones. Della succeeded in hers. The kidney matched and Nigel was saved. He got a new life. When the doctor told him everything and thanked Della for giving him a new life, Nigel was spellbound.

He felt so ashamed of himself that he could barely talk. He remembered how his love for Della began to disappear after he knew that she could never give him a child. He never thought what this poor lady was going through after knowing about her inability. He was so pre-occupied with his own disappointment that nothing else mattered. Della was the same girl he had promised to be with till death did them apart. And she was the same girl who, despite his ignorance and hatred, saved his life without caring for her own.

Nigel was recovering fast. Della took good care of him. Finally the day came when Nigel was to be released from hospital.

He kissed Della on her forehead and said, “Della, I’m so ashamed of myself that I can’t even express it in words. Would you forgive me for all the hurt I have given you? Can we start afresh? I want to fulfil every wedding vow that I had taken. Could I get a second chance?”

Della hugged him and said, “Yes!”

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