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The chilling and bleak winter was over. With the cold weather receding, the freshly blooming flowers heralded spring. Springtime in Florida is always special; but it is all the more special to Sarah since it is the season of her birthday. The setting sun colored the sky pink while the clouds around the horizon were tinted in various hues of crimson and orange and made the evening look even more beautiful. Sarah looked outside the window as she waited for Jim to come home from work.

The Best Birthday Ever

She wondered whether Jim was still the same she had fallen in love with; whether he remembered that it was her birthday. As people say, love is blind; so was theirs. The lovebirds that could hardly stay apart for a moment ever since they fell in love gradually after their marriage began to feel that things might not always be that rosy.

The doorbell rang. It was Jim; all wet and holding a of red and white roses, just the way Sarah loves. He hugged and wished her with a birthday kiss on her forehead. Together they embarked on a walk down their memory lane. They talked about the day they met for the first time and how he proposed to her and how their first night turned out to be the sweetest of all. Both of them wanted to enjoy this beautiful spring evening and celebrate Sarah’s birthday with a romantic candlelight dinner and their favorite champagne.

Sarah was laying the dinner table when suddenly the telephone in her bedroom rang. She took the call. From the other side came a baritone voice.

“Hi Ma’am, is this the residence of Jim Carter?”

“Yes”, she replied.

The voice continued. “I’m afraid, the gentleman has met with a fatal accident and has succumbed to it. I am calling from police station. We got this number from his visiting card. Kindly come down and identify his body.”

Suddenly the whole world turned upside down for her! Sarah was spellbound. “But how!? This cannot happen”, she told herself. Her voice chocked and she could hardly speak. Somehow she gathered herself and said, “But he is home; taking a shower probably.”

“Sorry Ma’am, I can understand your state of mind. But we have to fulfill the formalities”, added the man on the other side.

The receiver fell from Sarah’s hand. She began to pinch herself to check if it was a bad dream. Everything came to a standstill. She was feeling so helpless. She wondered if it was the spirit of Jim that came to her the last time to wish her and bid her adieu.

All of a sudden, she heard a noise as if someone had opened a door.

It was Jim!

“Is the dinner table ready, honey?” Jim asked.

“Aaah…Yes… No… Are you really…” Sarah didn’t know what to say.

Jim was surprised to see Sarah so bewildered and asked her if everything was okay. Sarah looked so lost! She was still sweating and shivering. She barely managed to tell him about the dreadful phone call.

Jim hugged her tight and said, “Hey sweetheart, I just forgot to tell you that my wallet got stolen today!”

Sarah could hardly believe her ears! She took a couple of seconds to understand what that meant for her. These words brought her life back to Sarah. She hugged him so tight as if there was no tomorrow. Jim held her in his arms as she embraced him and kissed him frantically.

This birthday was the most special one Sarah ever had. She had got a new life. She got a special birthday present from God in the form of a second chance.

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