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“Okay, Mr. Walter. I’m leaving in few minutes. See you soon.”

Bob hung up and slipped in his shirt; he slammed the main door of his apartment and left.

Mary was weeping in the kitchen.

It was just another day in the life of this couple where they began to complain about one another and this complaint gradually escalated into a major showdown. Like every other day Bob had begun to shout at Mary and she began to curse him and their marriage. Both of them cursed their fates and said that staying together had become unbearable.

The Final Step

Bob boarded the bus that would take him to his faraway destination. He was sitting on a window seat looking outside. When he looked at his right, he found that his co-passenger, a man in his mid fifties was carrying a bunch of red balloons in the shape of heart. Bob exchanged a smile as his co-passenger saw him looking at the balloons.

The bus began to move. Bob was thinking of all the bitterness he had been taking for the last two years ever since he got married to Mary. True, it was a love marriage. But it no longer had the ‘love’ part remained in it. He had got disgusted with Mary’s traits and the way she was treating him. He felt to humiliated; he felt so helpless. Although he did not want to fight with her every now and then, he could not just refrain from doing so. And how she blamed him for every single thing! For once, he thought whether he should continue his journey or get down from the bus; but then he convinced himself that he had no option left with him than to meet Mr. Walter, his family lawyer and apply for a divorce.

His thoughts got interrupted when he felt a poke from his right side. His co-passenger was poking him with his elbow. Bob looked at him.

“Hi, this is Samuel”, the man said.

“Hi, I’m Bob.”

“Hey, nice to know you Bob! But I’m afraid, you look very disturbed. Would you like to share anything with me?”

“You must be taking these balloons for your little one at home, I believe.” Bob changed the topic.

Sam said, “No, these are for my beloved wife. She loves them.”

Bob got moved and said, “That sounds awesome! It shows how much you two are in love with one another!”

Sam smiled and said, “True, my friend. This is exactly what I feel. You know what, she is completely opposite of what I am. We hardly can match our traits. But I know that she is the best thing that could ever have happened to me.” Sam continued. “Know what? Things in life are not how they look like but how we look at those. Despite our differences, we always find solace in one another’s company and no matter what, I always get these balloons for her at the end of every single day. I know she keeps waiting for these as much as I wait to give these to her.”

As Bob listened to Sam, he began to think that although Mary and he had different traits, there were many that matched too and they are so busy fighting with one another that they hardly pay any attention thinking and discussing about all that which had brought them together. Bob thought that had he been the one to behave a bit more sensibly, their fights would never ever take such serious turn. Instead of getting into the game of blames, he should have been reciprocating Mary in a constructive manner. For the first time, Bob blamed himself for his disturbed marriage.

As the next stop came, Sam stood up from his seat and bid goodbye to Bob. Although Bob waived his hand, but he was too curious to still sit back as Sam got off the bus. He was so touched by their story that he decided to follow Sam and see the lovely couple greet one another.

“But I can’t see any house nearby!”, thought Bob as he followed Sam who was walking down the woods. “Where is he going?” Bob thought again. Soon he found Sam entering a graveyard. Bob was shocked.

Sam sat beside a grave and put the bunch of heart-shaped balloons there. He began to say, “Hey sweetheart I’m here. Today I met a young fellow who looked disturbed just the way I used to look when we used to have fights during the initial years of our marriage. He was too reserved to share his feelings with me. But I could understand. I pray to God that the young man and wife realize the importance of one another in their lives before it is too late.

Bob could not hold back his tears. He heard Sam continuing, “And you know what, darling? Finally yesterday I managed to repair our broken fan. Now you can no longer say that I am lazy!”

Before he could stand there to listen more Bob turned back and began to run. He called Mr. Walter and said, “Thank You for staying so far away from my place. I am thankful that to reach you I had to travel such a long distance. I never realized how this distance would actually bridge the distance between me and my Mary!”

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