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“Till Death Do Us Apart…”

Ben and Stacey took their wedding vows and after seeking blessings and love from family and friends, got into the car that bore the “Just Married” placard.

Ben and Stacey had been madly in love with each other since their days in art school. Both these talented students were loved by their friends and teachers. Again some were jealous of their bond. However, all knew and believed that these two people were inseparable.

The Million Dollar Lottery

After completing their studies, Ben joined a leading animation firm as an artist and Stacey joined the same place as the assistant manager, digital marketing. Once into good jobs, both decided to get married.

The lovely couple stayed happily. They enjoyed going to work and returning home together. Weekends were adventurous for them, each one having its own flavor. This continued for a year or so till Ben suddenly got fired from his job. Taken aback, he frantically started looking for another job. Things between the two began to get bitter. The couple gradually began to be strangers to one another. While Ben left home early and came back late at night every day turning out to be futile, Stacey meanwhile found a new friend in her workplace and soon fell in love with that guy, called Mark.

Stacey’s love for Mark grew so much that she decided to separate herself from Ben. Ben, completely exhausted of his failures and also the embittered marriage decided to divorce Stacey. The couple rid themselves of their wedding vows.
Stacey had a colorful future ahead of her. She got married to Mark and made a fresh start. She was content with him.

But Ben had not been able to make a fresh start yet. He was still knocking the door of every firm looking for a suitable opportunity; but all in vain. On day, he decided to try his luck and bought a lottery ticket, preparing himself for failure again. But God had something else in store for him. Ben became the lucky one to win a million dollar! The young man, who was going from door to door, became the headline overnight. Ben was covered everywhere; radio, television, newspaper and the internet.

Meanwhile Stacey’s life had taken a different turn. She discovered that Mark had been accused of murder and eventually got convicted. Stacey felt so helpless. She felt that Ben was the only one who could help her.

She left for their old home where Ben and she had begun a new journey after getting down from that car bearing the “Just Married” placard. As she approached the courtyard, Stacey’s heart beats became faster. When she stood outside the door, she could literally hear her heart beating very fast! “How would Ben react? Would he forgive me? Will he love me again?” Stacey went on asking many more questions to herself not knowing a single answer.

She rang the doorbell. She could hear footsteps from inside approaching the main door. She just could not wait to hug Ben tight and ask for forgiveness.

The door opened. The man on the other side looked at her blank. Alas! Who is this? It was not Ben.
“Yes please! How can I help you?” The man in his late sixties asked her.

Stacey took a few moments to gather herself and said… “Ben… May I see Ben?”

The man said, “Sorry Ma’am… but there is no Ben in this house. It is just me and my wife. We are staying here for quite some months now.”

Stacey was flabbergasted. She asked if the man had any idea where Ben, the erstwhile resident of this house could be. But he could not help her.

Stacey turned back and began to walk. This time she had no destination… It was a walk that had no end. No one knew where the recently-turned millionaire was!

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